Friday, May 28, 2010

Update On Municipal Stadium Marker

Jeff Logan, president of the Kansas City Baseball Historical Society, saw my previous post about the disappearance of the Municipal Stadium marker, and picked up the phone to call the city. He managed to get through red tape far enough to learn that the marker is being stored in a parks and recreation building somewhere. He was told the company trying to build homes on the former site of the stadium wanted the marker removed. That business is apparently DK Homes.

The marker being removed is a disgrace to the great legacy of Kansas City baseball. I certainly hope the marker will be returned, and soon, but I just don't think that's the plan. The marker was anchored in concrete; If you look at the picture I posted of the now barren corner, it's apparent that new concrete has been laid since the marker was removed. Sad. If anyone reading this has any further information or ideas on what could be done, let me know.


  1. Let's tell JoePo and Rep. Cleaver. There's a start.

  2. Justin, I agree.

    I keep trying to get some of the local sports guys interested in looking into it, but none have replied to any of my emails, texts or messages on Twitter.

    Guess they don't care.

  3. 1. Call the Royals
    2. Hammer City Hall until they listen, especially whoever represents that area.
    3. Is there a historic preservation society of any kind in KC? Contact them.