Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More On The 1956 Municipal Stadium Brawl

From the April 25, 1956 Kansas City Star:

"Our own estimate is that the number of students who got out of bounds made up a rather small minority. We're not counting the traipsing up and down the aisles or the pushing and shoving in the seats. That's the normal and natural thing. Those who threw things on the field made a real nuisance of themselves or got into the post-game fights were comparatively few.

The series of melees after the game began at a point near third base. It was between white and Negro boys. In a few minutes there were fights all over the place between individual white and Negro youths and between groups. One observer estimated that at one time there were 35 to 40 fights going. We're inclined to believe this estimate greatly exaggerated. Possibly a dozen at once was the maximum.

Attendants had little success breaking up the fights. Police were busy directing motor car traffic outside the stadium and obviously were not notified at once. By the time police got to the field the jousting was pretty well dissipated. The youths kept moving out through centerfield as they sparred, and the last glimpse of a commotion was that of 8 or 10 youths still throwing punches as they disappeared through the bull pen gates.

Apparently no one was severely injured, although one press box spectator reported seeing a youth with blood on his face.

After it was all over, Roy Mack of the A's front-office staff wagged his head a little sorrowfully.

'We used to have high school days in Philadelphia,' he said. 'They always gave us plenty of trouble. I wouldn't say these Kansas City youngsters are any worse than anywhere else...but I don't think we want another day like this one.'"

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