Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Royals Splits, or Jeff Francoeur Should Never Face A Righty

A look at the career wOBA splits of current Royals batsmen:

Amazing that Billy's weaker split is still the second best wOBA against righties on the team (Betemit barely beats him out). Then he adds 57 points to his wOBA against southpaws.

Kila has been the same guy regardless of the pitcher's handedness...unfortunately that guy hasn't been a very good hitter on average.

Three players have backwards splits, where they have done better against same-handed pitchers: Treanor, Maier and Getz. Treanor's is especially extreme.

.325-.330 is a roughly average wOBA. These players straddle the line between "good" and "bad" depending on pitcher handedness: Francoeur, Betemit, Gordon, and Aviles. Perhaps the solution at third base right now would be to start Betemit against righties and Aviles against lefties.

Francoeur's splits especially scream platoon player (though there is no obvious platoon partner on the roster right now):

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