Friday, May 4, 2012

Royals Biggest Gainers And Losers In New Version Of rWAR

Baseball Reference overhauled their WAR formula, and as someone who relies (too much) on WAR to understand Royals history better, I was interested to see which Royals players had the biggest swings. I may or may not redo the team hall of wWAR sometime with the new numbers.

I only looked at players that had 5.0 WAR in either iteration. Just a little data dump on another wild and crazy Friday night:

+4.5 Willie Wilson (35.7-40.2)
+4.2 Frank White (26.9-31.1)
+4.0 Zack Greinke (22.7-26.7)
+3.8 Kevin Appier (44.1-47.9)
+3.5 Bret Saberhagen (37.3-40.8)

-5.4 David DeJesus (21.9-16.5)
-2.5 Joe Randa (15.0-12.5)
-1.6 Carlos Beltran (24.6-23.0)
-1.5 Mike Macfarlane (13.1-11.6)
-1.5 Darrell Porter (17.3-15.8)
-1.5 Mike Sweeney (22.2-20.7)

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