Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Royal Doubles

Billy Butler has slowed down in his pursuit of the Royals single-season home run record, but Alex Gordon has a good shot to capture a less glamorous team record: doubles in a season. Hal McRae has held the team mark with 54 since 1977. Gordon is up to 44 and is on pace for 56. Here is a graph of McRae's and Gordon's doubles totals by game:

And while we're talking about Royals doubles, here are the top doubles hitters in team history:

Rk Player 2B
1 George Brett 665
2 Hal McRae 449
3 Frank White 407
4 Amos Otis 365
5 Mike Sweeney 297
6 Willie Wilson 241
7 Joe Randa 223
8 Billy Butler 204
9 David DeJesus 187
10 Freddie Patek 182
11 Alex Gordon 176
12 Mike Macfarlane 174
13 Carlos Beltran 156
14 Johnny Damon 156
15 Mark Teahen 146
Generated 8/29/2012

Mark Teahen looms disturbingly large in team hitting history. Billy and Alex are already looking good from the counting perspective (they might be 8-9 in team history by the end of the year), and their rates look even better. Out of the 76 humanoids with 1000+ plate appearances for the Royals, here are the hitters with the most doubles per 550 PA:

Player PA 2B 2B/550
Mark Quinn 1166 72 34.0
Mark Grudzielanek 1432 88 33.8
Hal McRae 7362 449 33.5
Billy Butler 3392 204 33.1
Alex Gordon 2906 174 32.9
Jeff Francoeur 1141 66 31.8
George Brett 11625 665 31.5
Mike Sweeney 5278 297 30.9
Clint Hurdle 1240 69 30.6
Wally Joyner 2173 120 30.4

Jeff Francoeur ya'all!


  1. wow, i can't believe teahen made that list. AL managers must have had a look at that 2B/550 list before giving frenchy all those IBB...

  2. Teahen is all over the team leader boards...21st in singles, 15th in doubles, 15th in triples, 22nd in homers, 22nd in plate appearances. Kinda concerning?

  3. hopefully all these recent long-term contracts will make teahen find his way to a more appropriate place in royals history. looking back, it's kind of funny that we made him move to outfield to make room for gordon at 3rd

  4. Gordon is close to knocking Patek out of the top 10. I don't know how I feel about that.

    1. Pretty much the point of my blog is to make you feel worse about Fred Patek.