Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pic Dump IV

An assortment of KC baseball images sourced mostly from eBay listings and the Kansas City Baseball Historical Society's Facebook page, where people regularly post great photos.

1960 A's Opening Day

Lou Gehrig & Babe Ruth present a refrigerator to Children's Mercy Hospital, and the scorecard for the benefit game they played in KC

Bo Jackson & Kurt Stillwell can't come up with the ball, ca. 1988-90

Earl Bolyard, 1937 Blues 
George Spriggs, ca. 1969-70

Jose Tartabull 
Ewing Kauffman & Cedric Tallis, 1968

Gaylord Perry, 1983

Norm Siebern, 1963

Willie Wilson. My dad called him "Greased Lightning."

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