Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Top 100 & KC Connections: 31—40

31. Alex Rodriguez • SS/3B • 1994

Has killed the Royals in general: His 1.071 OPS against them is the highest among players with at least 500 PAs, and his 48 homers are second only to Jim Thome's 49. But more of that damage has been done with the Royals on the road. While actually playing in KC, Rodriguez has "just" a .959 OPS and 18 dongs.

32. Greg Maddux • P • 1986—2008

Never faced the Royals, in or out of KC, even though there was inter-league play for the last 12 years of his career.

33. Jimmie Foxx • 1B • 1925—1945

34. Albert Pujols • 1B • 2001

Went to high school and one year of college in the KC area, and seems to enjoy returning and crushing the Royals at Kauffman, where he has hit a ridiculous .335/.426/.671 in 40 games.

35. Joe Morgan • 2B • 1963—1984

Had a good All-Star Game at Royals Stadium in '73 by walking, doubling, and scoring two runs. Returned for five games during the last season of his career as a member of the A's.

36. Joe DiMaggio • CF • 1936—1951

The Yankees made quite a few visits to KC during DiMaggio's career to play exhibitions against the Blues, the Yank's top farm team at the time. Played at least two, but possibly as many as seven, exhibitions in KC. 

37. Mel Ott • RF • 1926—1947


Bounced between Negro leagues teams quite a bit, but was a Monarch in '31, '34, and '38-'40.

39. Frank Robinson • RF/LF • 1956—1976

Played 47 games in KC (45 at Municipal, 12 at Royals).

40. Willie Wells • SS • 1924—1948

Played for the Monarchs for a hot second in '32, and was a frequent visitor throughout his long Negro leagues career.

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