Tuesday, March 9, 2010

KC Baseball eBay Pic Dump

The staff here at KC Baseball HQ spent some time drooling over curios on eBay today...so you don't have to!

Roy Brashear 1909 T206 card

Larry Gura getting swamped after pitching a shutout (read the caption for more detail)

Charlie Finley rides A's mascot Charlie O. I think they're protesting that the White Sox wouldn't allow Charlie O. into the stadium. 'Cause that's how Charlie Finley rolled.

Don't know anything about this "Cunson" card

According to the listing for this record, it was "custom produced for Charles O. Finley, owner of the Kansas City Athletics. The Frank York Violins played 'Kansas City' for the new owner of the KC Athletics. He liked it so much he had them make this record. 'Missouri Waltz' is on the reverse."

Your 1907 Kansas City Blues

Pocket schedule for the first Royals season

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