Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1942 Monarchs Home Opener

(Edit: I originally thought this incredible 27 second video came from the Monarchs home opener on Sunday, May 17, 1942, which inspired the below, edited post. Turns out the video is actually from July 26, 1942.)

The date was May 17, 1942. The opponent was the Memphis Red Sox. The Monarchs won the first half of the doubleheader 7-0 and dropped the second game 1-4. In the first game, Jack Matchett (second from the left in above picture) pitched a complete game, five-hit shutout with 4 Ks and 1 walk. He also went for 2-4 at the plate with a run scored. In the second game (a 7 inning affair), Satchel Paige, squaring off against Red Sox ace Verdell Mathis, didn't have his usual legendary control, and gave up 4 runs on 10 hits, with an un-Satch-like 6 walks.

The 1942 squad was one of the best teams in baseball history, plowing their way over the Negro American League, and then sweeping the National League Homestead Grays for the World Series title.

Summaries from the May 23, 1942 Chicago Defender:

("Duppert" Stadium is a typo - they were at Ruppert Stadium, later called Municipal Stadium, at 22nd & Brooklyn.)

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  1. I knew that was Verdell Mathis in that clip without even reading the article. I know somewhere there is more footage of Negro League games. I wish it would be released to the public.