Friday, January 7, 2011

"High School Students Brawl After Athletics-Tigers Game"

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This 1956 picture of high school students brawling on the Municipal Stadium field that I posted in my previous entry caught the attention of a few folks on Twitter, resulting in the following tweets:
@brokenbatsingle: This picture is amazing.
@funkyball77: Holy crap! Freakiest part are the ushers standing around watching.
@brokenbatsingle: Absolutely.
@funkyball77: Was everyone mad because Arnie Portocarrero lost?
@brokenbatsingle: Wouldn't you be?
@3rdPeriodPoints: This just in: 1956 NOT idyllic.
@funkyball77: Not sure. Gus Zernial going 0-for-3 against Steve Gromek might have bothered me more.
@KC_Baseball: Crazy, right?! I need to find newspaper reports for that game to see if they mention brawl.
@brokenbatsingle: It's a stunning picture on so many levels. part of me hopes the usher was just caught at the wrong moment.
@3rdPeriodPoints: You can see 2 other ushers twiddling their thumbs too.
I did manage to find a little more info on the brawl with just a little digging in The Sporting News archive (available free to members of SABR). Here's the item:

May 2, 1956 The Sporting News


  1. "Ushers raced to the scene in an attempt to restore order"?? What in god's name was this reporter smoking?

    Great research, Aaron.

  2. Huh, I didn't know the Missouri side started integrating schools so quickly after Brown V. Board of Education.