Thursday, December 30, 2010

eBay Pic Dump II

Some KC baseball miscellanea procured from the eBays (click to enlarge):

These three shots are from opening day at Municipal Stadium on April 9, 1963 (a 2-8 loss against the Yankees).

Your 1920 Kansas City Blues

Lou Fette, Blues 1929

Bob Boken, Blues 1932

Marty Hopkins, Blues 1936

Lee Stine, Blues 1937

What Royals fan can forget the classic 1976 World Series! Wait, what? Must have been printed ahead of time in case the Royals made it...

1920 ad for a Blues game from a scrapbook full of Blues coverage
Slim Harris, Blues 1934

Terrible scene on the field after an A's game in '56: "Negro & white boys fight..."

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