Friday, September 9, 2011

Municipal Stadium Marker Is Back!

In April, 2010 I discovered that the Municipal Stadium historical marker had disappeared from 22nd & Brooklyn. Uni Watch also reported on it. Jeff Logan of the KC Baseball Historical Society tried to find out what the story was without satisfying results, but he got the impression the sign was in Parks & Recreation storage with no plans for it to be returned. I emailed city councilmen asking for info and/or help without any response. I drove by the spot again sometime in the winter of '10-'11 and the sign was still gone.

But today I swung by the corner again with no hope of seeing the sign--but it was there! Twitter e-migo @KC22ndBrooklyn tells me he saw the sign this past spring, so it has been back for a little while. It has been moved slightly from its previous position, and is anchored in dirt and grass instead of cement. One of the two benches that used to be there is back. Perhaps the plan all along was for the removal to be temporary while the corner was redone. In any event, it is a relief that the sign has been returned to its rightful spot, honoring the most hallowed patch of land in KC baseball history.

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  1. glad to hear this is back. it's weird to look past that sign and picture a stadium there