Monday, April 23, 2012

One Time Through: April 17-22

After a strong first trip through the rotation and a terrible second one, the Royals starting corps settled for a mediocre third trip. These five starts are pretty close to what I expect the rotation to look like on average over the season. One middling start, two decent ones, and two disasters. Every facet of the team bears some of the responsibility for the pitiful 3-12 record so far, but the starters have actually been about what we expected or a tad better. They've put up a positive WPA in eight of the first 15 games--the lineup and bullpen were supposed to be good enough to turn decent starts into wins. Yeah.

Chen and Hochevar had good games. Chen continues to prove his modest success with the Royals over the previous two years is not a fluke. Duffy had his first disappointing start of the year, looking much like he did last year.

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