Sunday, April 29, 2012

One Time Through: April 23-27

Another mediocre turn by the Royal starters with three decent starts and two disasters. But this time, the lineup, defense and bullpen lived up to expectations and turned the last three games into wins. The first turnover in the rotation occurred with Everett Teaford spotting Danny Duffy and his tight elbow. Teaford labored through four innings and was lucky to escape given up only four runs.

The starters have an average game score of 47 after 20 games. Their individual average game scores: Chen - 60, Duffy - 55, Hochevar - 49, Sanchez - 41, and Mendoza - 35.

Here is a look at how the rotations are stacking up in the AL Central so far. The White Sox are playing a different game than the rest of the division, getting a full inning more per start and an ERA half a run lower than anyone else. For KC, the walk rate is awful, while the HR rate is extremely low. Kauffman Stadium can be thanked partly for that, but it also indicates they might be due to start giving up some bombs. Their xFIP bringing up the rear is not encouraging. 

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