Friday, July 13, 2012

Royals WPA at the Break

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Closers get a boost from the opportunity to get the last out regularly, so Broxton's number is a little inflated

The only surprises for me are Alex and Yuni. Alex's wOBA is .339 to Yuni's .296, but Yuni has come through at better times. That's an understatement - in whatever Fangraphs defines as high leverage situations, Alex has a wOBA of .212 compared to Yuni's .448. I wish I could totally dismiss that as a small sample fluke, but Alex has a career-long, large sample problem with high leverage. Here are both players' wOBA in low, medium and high leverage situations this year and for their careers:

2012 Low Med High
Alex 0.343 0.361 0.212
Yuni 0.236 0.332 0.448
Alex 0.326 0.368 0.284
Yuni 0.282 0.304 0.315

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