Friday, January 25, 2013

My All-KC Dream Lineup

My previous post on my dream lineup to watch caught the eyes of the guys on The Ballgame radio show. They picked apart my lineup a bit at the end of their last show, which you can listen to here. They're planning on discussing what an all-Kansas City dream lineup might look like on a future show, and Chris Kamler asked me if I'd like to revise my lineup to only include players who have played professionally in KC. So here it is. While I do have a bunch of all-time greats in the lineup, my criteria was guys I would  most like to see play, not necessarily who I consider the best.

SP: Satchel Paige, Bullet Rogan, Hilton Smith, Kid Nichols, Kevin Appier

RP: Dan Quisenberry, Jeff Montgomery

C: Darrell Porter

1B: Buck O'Neil

2B: Frank White

3B: George Brett

SS: Jackie Robinson (his position with the '45 Monarchs)

OF: Bo Jackson, Amos Otis, Roger Maris

Bench: Ernie Banks (IF), Bert Campaneris (IF), Frank Duncan (C), Willard Brown (OF)


  1. Aaron, awesome. One change, though. We're going to have that discussion on show 5. Next week's show will be devoted to all audio from the George Brett event - I think I saw you there!! But we WILL be discussing this. Great lineup. Nice resolution to the Frank White/Jackie Robinson issue.

    1. Yeah, I wanted to say hi after George was done, but I didn't see you afterwards. George was great.

      Thanks for the heads up, I edited the post.