Monday, January 21, 2013

My Dream Lineup

This post is directly ripped off from/inspired by a Michael Clair post on Old Time Family Baseball, a site which I heartily recommend. (Clair recently concluded his annual blogathon fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders, but if you're seeing this before January 25ish, there may still be time to donate.) One of the 43 posts Clair made in his 24 hour bloggin' orgy was the naming of his dream lineup. Not the best team he could put together, but one filled with his favorite players (which somehow include Bob Hamelin and Brian Bannister). I've dreamed up my team, but unlike Clair's, mine is mostly guys I never got to see but wish I could have. And of course it is KC heavy.

Starting Pitcher: Satchel Paige


Catcher: Josh Gibson


First Base: Buck O'Neil

Can you tell I'd like to go back and see some Negro leaguers? Besides having one of the great personalities in baseball, Buck's game would have been a joy to watch. Lots of line drives and smooth defense. Buck would also manage the squad.

Second Base: Frank White

I did get to enjoy the latter part of Frank's playing days as a kid, but there's still no one else I'd rather see playing second.

Third Base: George Brett

Ditto. And if I could specify that George hit like he did in 1980, that would be great.

Shortstop: Jackie Robinson

This is where Jackie played for the Monarchs in 1945. No other season intrigues me as much as Jackie playing for the Monarchs, miserable, being secretly scouted by the Dodgers.

Left Field: Bo Jackson

I did experience Bo pandemonium first-hand, but yeah, wouldn't mind watching that guy a little more. And as president/owner/GM/overlord of this dream team, he's barred from playing that stupid pig ball game, he stays healthy, and turns into an actually great baseball player in addition to being a freak of nature.

Center Field: Amos Otis

AO is one of the Royals greats who is completely before my time.

Right Field: Babe Ruth

Because Babe Ruth.

Rotation: Bullet Rogan, Hilton Smith, Zack Greinke, Kevin Appier

I was a fan but didn't follow the Royals all that closely in the '90s. I wish I could go back and better appreciate just how special Kevin Appier was that decade. Zack I did see and thoroughly appreciate during his ridonkulous 2009 campaign. But it was so much fun I'd like to relive it. Bullet and Hilton are a couple of all-time greats from the Monarchs that pique my imagination.

Relievers: Dan Quisenberry, Jeff Montgomery, Joakim Soria, Mariano Rivera

The big three relievers in KC history, and I suppose Rivera might be pretty enjoyable if he's pitching for you instead of against you.


Darrell Porter (C)
Ernie Banks (IF)
Oscar Charleston (OF)
Willie Mays (OF)
Roberto Clemente (OF)
Ozzie Smith (IF)

Yes, Charleston, Mays and Clemente are sitting on the bench behind Bo Jackson and Amos Otis. Porter's hitting numbers during his four years in KC ('77-'80) are pretty incredible; I'd love to be able to see his overall game as a catcher during those years. Buck O'Neil claimed Charleston was the greatest player he ever saw. And the other guys I just imagine to be beautiful to watch. Man my team would kill Clair's.


  1. Aaron, Chris from The Ballgame radio show here... we spent some time talking about your list on yesterday's show. Was wondering if you might like to edit your list to only include KC-based players. Here's what we're goign to prepare for next week's show. Care to submit one?

    Prepare for me your All-Kansas City Team. Players can include any player who has played a season in Any Kansas City uniform. (Example: Roger Maris would be eligible because he played with the KC A's in '58 and '59. But Albert Pujols would not because he didn't play for any KC team professionally (Maple Woods doesn't count).

    Don't reply to all - just reply back to me with:

    3 OF Positions (All-Star Rules here... just OF, not RF/LF/CF)
    Corner Infielder/Utility
    Middle Infielder/Utility
    3 Starting Pitchers
    2 Relievers/Closers

    So, your list will have 15 players on it.

    1. Chris,

      That's awesome. Listening to the show now. I'll definitely put together my all-KC lineup and let you know.