Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Top 100 & KC Connections: 91—100

91. Brooks Robinson • 3B • 1955—1977

A frequent visitor to KC with 138 games (115 at Municipal, 23 at Royals Stadium).

92. Larry Walker • RF • 1989—2005

Just three games at Kauffman Stadium, but managed two doubles and a ding-dong.

93. Pete Rose • IF/OF • 1963—1986

Played three games in KC during the '80 World Series and started in left field at Royals Stadium in the '73 All-Star Game.

94. Robin Yount • SS/CF • 1974—1993

94 games at Royals Stadium, where he had an .872 OPS.

95. Duke Snider • CF • 1947—1964

May or may not have made a trip to KC to play the Blues while with the St. Paul Saints for 66 games in 1947.

96. Nolan Ryan • P • 1966—1993

Threw the first of his seven no-hitters in KC on May 15, 1973 in the 20th game ever played at Royals Stadium. Pitched six innings in one game at Municipal Stadium against the Royals and 139 innings in 20 games at Royals Stadium, where he had a 3.04 ERA.

97. Ernie Banks • 1B/SS • 1953—1971

Made his pro debut with the Monarchs in 1951, missed the  next two years to military service, returned to the Monarchs in 1953 before being signed by the Cubs at the end of the season. Returned to Municipal Stadium as the starting shortstop at the 1960 All-Star Game.

98. Home Run Baker • 3B • 1908—1922

99. Yogi Berra • C • 1946—1965

Faced the A's in KC for 64 games (15 HRs, .812 OPS) and started the '60 All Star Game. Managed the Yankees at Royals Stadium in '84.

100. Tom Glavine • P • 1987—2008

Made just one start in KC, on June 13, 2004 against a very green Zack Greinke, who said Glavine had "been one of my top favorite players my whole life. He knows how to pitch. That's what I want to do some day, be like him. He's amazing." Glavine was much better that day, pitching 7.2 innings and allowing only two unearned runs in the Mets 5-2 victory. But Glavine still saw something from Greinke, saying, "I was very impressed with him. For a 20-year-old kid, he's got great mound presence. He's got good stuff. I like the way he went about his business." (Info from the Lawrence Journal-World.)

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