Monday, February 24, 2014

Top 100 & KC Connections: 61—70

61. Cool Papa Bell • CF • 1922—1946

Would have made a number of trips to KC as an opponent during his long career in the Negro leagues, and played for the Monarchs briefly in 1932. 

62. Gary Carter • C • 1974—1992


Finished his career with 14 starts for the Royals in the second half of 1983. He had a 4.27 ERA in that span, but mixed in a few excellent games, including one shutout. Recorded his 3,500th strikeout at Royals Stadium on July 27. "That was sure nice," Perry said of the ovation the fans gave him after the milestone. "I've been in here before with other teams and noticed how the Kansas City fans seem to appreciate things. It was my first victory for the team and the strikeout came at the right time. All of that, and the reaction of the crowd made this a very good night." Three games at Municipal (2.12 ERA), 21 at Royals Stadium (3.15).

64. Bob Feller • P • 1936—1956

Made five relief appearances at Municipal Stadium between '55-'56, allowed just one run.

65. Mule Suttles • 1B • 1923—1944

Would have made a number of trips to KC to face the Monarchs.

66. Curt Schilling • P • 1988—2007

Got roughed up to the tune of a 7.03 ERA in five games at Kauffman.

67. Smokey Joe Williams • P • 1911—1934

Another long-time Negro leaguer that made trips to KC. Pitched a 12 inning one-hitter with 25 strikeouts against the Monarchs in 1930.

68. Johnny Mize • 1B • 1936—1953

Played for the Blues briefly as a 37 year-old veteran in 1950 to relieve a Yankees roster crunch.

69. Hilton Smith • P • 1937—1948

Starred for the Monarchs from '37-'48 and made KC his home until his death in 1983.

70. Robin Roberts • P • 1948—1966

Made eight Municipal Stadium appearances between '62-'65

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